September 19, 2011

What's On My Table

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Here's a peek at what is or has been on my table over the last few weeks. 

These 1930s reproduction fabric blocks were on my table for a few weeks.  I kept making 8.5" blocks, trying to get just the right combination to go with the 16-patch blocks in the middle of the bottom row.  There are at least 80 blocks between the piles.  I couldn't get just the block I was after, so I have shelved this project for now.  I had intended to use this as the queen-sized focus quilt on my living room wall, but have decided these fabrics just don't fit there.  And, yes, you could say it is a big wall!

If you haven't heard of a 90-Degree Double Strip Ruler, you should check it out!  Many of these blocks were made with two 2.5" strips sewn together and then cut this fabulous ruler/template!  I LOVE it!

This wave quilt is on hold because my walking foot broke!  This glitch has put me in a major creative slump, and I am finding it hard to do any quilting without my walking foot.  I had come to depend on it sew much that I feel like I have lost a real good friend.  :{  And the seller isn't answering my emails about replacing it!

And here's a peek at what is on my design wall.  A quilt made from lighter greens and tans, all in Thimbleberries fabrics!

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