January 16, 2012

It's a Sew Day - I Mean Snow Day!

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11:30 in the morning, still snowing!

We don't always take holidays off in our homeschool - unless it is snowing!  And we woke up to snow, and it's still coming down!  Bookworm chose to do school work today, but Eagle Eye and Millie have been outside for hours and probably won't come back inside until they are starving!  We get very little snow here, so they eat it up while they can!

Speaking of eating snow, we made some maple syrup candy with snow!  Not a good idea to eat with braces or a retainer; it is very sticky and hard to get off your teeth!

{Can you guess what I am doing while they play?  Of course you know; I'm sewing!  Pillow covers and two small quilts for my Etsy shop!}

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