December 4, 2012

Earn Paypal Cash or Gift Cards!!

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Search & Win

Guess what I got today from the Swagbucks Store? $125 in Paypal cash, thank you very much! Earned almost entirely doing what we do everyday - searching for information online. In addition to searching, I complete the Daily Poll, NOSO, and sometimes watch Home and Garden Swagbucks videos. That's it! In just over a year I have earned $125 in Paypal cash!!  Why don't you Sign up today!  It's kinda crazy not to!  It doesn't do any good to sign up and then not use it, so be sure you make your homepage for easy, automatic, searching that you don't have to give any thought to.  By the way, when you earn points, so do I!!

Hmm, I smell some fabric coming on!  I have been so good about not buying any lately, like really, really good even during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!  I am making a sincere, wholehearted effort to use my stash.  But I just might have to treat myself to a teeny bit, please?!?

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Sheila said...

This quilt is so sweet : )
I love it.