December 10, 2013

Custom King-Sized Seahawks / Broncos Themed Quilt Progress #2

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The custom king-sized Seahawks / Broncos themed quilt top is complete!  
Custom King-Sized Seahawks / Broncos Quilt
It looks bumpy in the picture above, but that is just the wool batting which came in a rolled-up package.  The picture below is of the quilt folded in fourths {there was another 10" border yet to be added to each side when this was taken}, and you can see it does lie flat.  I much prefer rolls of batting with one fold as they are smooth from the get-go!
Custom King-Sized Seahawks / Broncos Quilt
The themed fabrics are 60" wide, but the border strips are 76.5" long, so they needed pieced together.  I did my best to make the prints align, as shown below.  It was a bit tricky with the themed fabrics because the prints are not printed straight on the WOF.
Custom King-Sized Seahawks / Broncos Quilt
The quilt top has been loaded onto Mrs.Singer's rails, and I have begun quilting her!  She is a huge quilt top at 114" square.  One bobbin makes it across the quilt 1.75 times which makes for a lot of bobbin changing!
This quilt is a custom order in my Etsy shop, BusyHandsQuilts.

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