March 5, 2014

Passing on the Crafting Gene #2 - Beginning a Dress

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Millie Sewing
Millie is learning how to shorten a pattern for the more petite amongst us!  We are using this pattern.  A few years ago when the Maxwell Family came to town, Millie and I attended a Mother/Daughter Tea that they hosted, and the Maxwell ladies wore matching pretty, feminine, modest dresses, so I asked them for the pattern number.  They were asked so often about their dresses that they had the number memorized!  We're finally getting around to making one, about four years later!

This day the power was out for six hours beginning at noon, and oh my, what to do then?!?  No sewing, no blogging, no Etsy-ing, no cooking or baking!  We are amazingly locked into our habits that require power and had to find something that didn't take electricity, like cutting out a pattern!  We didn't cut the fabric out with the pattern because there was no power with which to iron the fabric!  There was also time to play some games!

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