March 21, 2015

25% Off at Busy Hands Quilts!

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In celebration of spring, Busy Hands Quilts is having a 25% off sale!  The sale runs through Sunday the 29th and excludes custom and made-to-order items.

I'd love to buy some fabric and quilt kits at Craftsy during their Spring Blowout Sale, but I need to sell some quilts first!  They have some of the latest collections at super prices!

I have found that some Craftsy's Quilt Kits come with more fabric than the pattern calls for, so there is extra to create something else with.  I've also found that because Craftsy's prices are so low, Quilt Kits are a perfect way to build your stash even if you don't care for the pattern.  The quilt I'm working on for my daughter is a repurposed Craftsy kit!

Fat Quarter Bundles!  Drool!

I always buy my black, snow and white jelly rolls at Craftsy.  They are currently $17.60!  WOW!

I hope you don't miss this sale!

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