October 17, 2019

Modern Prism Quilted Wall Hanging

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Ah, the Modern Prism quilt never fails to delight with its bright, planned simplicity.

The fabric is Michael Miller Cotton Couture, and I love the hand of this fabric.  It is so soft and smooth and frays very little, if at all.  It's such a pleasure to work with such high quality fabric! 

I had a Modern Prism quilt kit in my stash and knew that I would never make it without a deadline because I am always so busy with more pressing projects.  I had a request earlier this year for a small version of the quilt, 32" square, so I pulled out the kit and made that one.  I did the math and figured I could get two quilts out of the quilt kit - the 30" square one and one approximately 47" square, and I cut the squares for both sizes at the same time.  I listed the larger one as a made-to-order quilt in my shop, and when a made-to-order quilt sells, that project quickly makes its way up on the to-do list!  With the squares already cut, this quilt went together fairly quickly.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Modern Prism by Tara Faughnana; click here to get it.
Size:  45" x 48"
Fabric:  Michael Miller Cotton Couture
Backing:  Kona Charcoal
Quilting: Zing on Gratitude
Binding:  Kona Charcoal

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Shannon said...

Love the pictures!

O'Quilts said...

I love the colors too