December 31, 2016

2017 Planning @ Busy Hands Quilts

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My plans for 2017 include as much quilting as possible with these specific goals:

Plan Several Quilt Alongs

I'm hosting a Postcard From Sweden Quilt Along beginning in March 2017 and am looking ahead for quilts appropriate for Quilt Alongs to make later in the year.  Prizes are my PDF quilt patterns.  Please join me!  

List made-to-order items in my Quilt Shop, not just ready-made

I've already begun this, and it has increased business.  Thanks to Lindsay, daughter of Shannon of The Flemings Nine, for the idea!!  Below are the quilts I've listed as made-to-order so far.  Some are quilt kits I've had stashed away, and some are quilts I've made in the past for which I have enough fabric to make another similar quilt.  I don't sort my scraps by color, but I leave them together by collection or project I used them in, so it's easy to pull them again and make the quilt a second time.  {No, I don't recommend NOT sorting your scraps; they are hard to use this way.}

Make scrappy backings to use up more of the stash

I plan to piece more quilt backings from the fabrics leftover from the front to get more fabrics off the shelf and into quilts.  I will continue to buy extra-wide backings for bed-sized quilts as it's most often more economical {and much simpler}.  I started this goal with my recent Honey Honey lap quilt finish.  My ulterior motive is moving out more fabrics that aren't my favorites and moving in more of the awesome fabrics that are continually released.  It's self-serving, really!

Learn more free-motion quilting on Mrs.Singer

She'll never be able to do really intricate, detailed work because the rail system doesn't run smoothly enough, but she can do more than the allover meander and organic wavy stitch.  Whirls and loops are within her capabilities.  The picture above is an example of where I've already begun this.

Keep track of fabric yardage in and out

I have long dragged my feet about this one because it takes being brutally honest.  Accountability!  I will periodically share yardage in and out.  Most of the time I will not share with you pictures of what I buy because it can encourage coveting in others. This post by Diane of From Blank Pages totally opened my eyes to this.  Go read it, it's an amazing post about fabric buying addiction, then come back ... I'll wait.

Continue Writing Quilt Patterns

In 2016 I wrote 7 quilt patterns, and I plan to continue at a similar pace.  I have many quilt designs ready to go in EQ7 and many half-written patterns that just need a few days' work and they'd be ready to go.  What hinders me most is making a cover quilt.  I will make more effort to get these quilts made!

And last but not least, get off the computer and sew!

Happy 2017!  Don't forget, today is the last day of Craftsy's Winter Clearance Sale!  And since it's still 2016, I could buy a whole bunch and not have to tell you since that doesn't begin until tomorrow!  Ha Ha!

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Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

Much of what you say toward the end resonates deeply with me: finding the time to make a cover quilt and getting off the computer to sew can be challenges! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your goals and link up. I wish you a creative and fulfilling 2017 and Happy New Year!

Shannon said...

I am so loving your goals and I plan on keeping you accountable! While it might seem easy to cheat on keeping track fabric purchase and usage, once you realize no one is going to get you, you can relax and just write it down honestly. It really helps with the fabric buying addiction. I know it stopped me several times this year. Hope you have a great year reaching your goals!

Anonymous said...

Your goals are good ones, and very likely to be accomplished. Best of luck with that! I like the Postcard pattern. I hope, in March, it will be available on your Craftsy.

Jasmine said...

These sound like great goals. I enjoy keeping track of stash reports. I wish you the best for 2017.

Tami Von Zalez said...

I really like the scrappy backings (and bindings). I am almost ready to put together one for my nearly finished flimsy (new word that I just learned ...)

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Can't wait for the Postcards QAL. I think I've recruited a friend to play along as well.