November 1, 2017

Rag Quilt Along Thursdays!

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Last week on Facebook Shannon of The Flemings Nine invited her local friends to learn how to make a rag quilt.  Although we live 2200 miles apart, I will be joining them on Thursdays, sewing away in my cozy sewing room as they sew away in Shannon's!  Maybe you have a rag quilt to work on and want to finish it up with us, too!?!

I have a rag quilt project from, oh, probably pre-2010 because it's not mentioned on my blog.  👀  I was thinking the blocks were all made and ready to be assembled together, but when I pulled them out today, I found that is not the case.  Dream on, sister!  Most of it is a pile of squares of fabric and batting.  Hmmph. 

Well, anyway, I will be quilting along with Shannon and her friends beginning tomorrow.  Join us if you wish!

That delightful fabric is a collection called Isabella's Garden by SSI Fabrics, quilt-shop quality flannels.

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1 comment :

Shannon said...

Cool! Glad you got your stuff out and are ready to sew. I have mine out too, but I can't decide on what layout I want to use. My choice of fannel was not the best I think, but I must use what I have! I'll try to get some pictures.