May 8, 2012

Getting the Best Value in the Swagbucks Store

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Search & Win

Yesterday I mentioned earning Amazon Gift Cards using the Swagbucks program.  A kind reader let me know that it is a better deal to redeem Swagbucks for $5 Amazon Gift Cards rather than for a $100 gift cards; it takes less points.  She is correct, and I am so glad she shared that with me.  It got us researching if other prizes could be earned with less Swagbucks.

My son figured out that it requires a lot less Swagbucks to earn a Kindle Fire using $5 Amazon Gift Cards rather than redeeming Swagbucks for the Kindle Fire directly.  A Kindle Fire costs $200, so it would take 40 $5 Amazon Gift Cards for 18,000 Swagbucks to purchase a Kindle Fire {plus tax} versus 28,999 Swagbucks for a Kindle Fire directly from the Swagbucks store.  The difference is huge, so $5 Amazon Gift Cards are the way to go when redeeming Swagbucks {provided Amazon has what you want}.

Have you looked at the prizes available in the Swagstore?  Go HERE and then click on Swagstore under the Redeem tab at the top of the page.

Amazon gift cards also make great Mother's Day Presents and can be delivered via email for a very last-minute gift!

By signing up for Swagbucks, I earn Swagbucks when you earn!  Please help us get a Kindle Fire by signing up for Swagbucks using the link above - and then use it to earn prizes for your family!

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