March 30, 2015

Cutting With the Sidekick Ruler

This post is part of the GRAVITY Quilt Along series.  You can find all earlier posts HERE.

The GRAVITY quilt pattern highly recommends the Hex N More and the Super Sidekick rulers, otherwise one would have to make 12 different sized templates.  I have never used these rulers before, so in preparation for beginning my GRAVITY Quilt, I'm doing some practice cutting with the templates.  

I simply cannot cut fabric just to practice.  Simply cannot do it!  There must be a purpose to cutting it, so I'm cutting out another Jaybird Quilt pattern, Rock Candy.  It uses the Sidekick ruler, which is the smaller version of the Super Sidekick, but they are used exactly the same way.  

Meet Miss Kate in her diamonds!  I took pictures of the cutting process, but I realized if I showed them on the blog, it was virtually giving the pattern to you, and that is taboo!  So I'll share with you the cut pieces.

My dear friends - I am in ♥♥♥ with the ruler!  I knew it was a great ruler because it has markings for three shapes and many sizes on it, but I didn't know how great!  It has opened up more creative options for me, and I am so excited about the quilt patterns I can now tackle with these rulers!  Beyond square and triangle blocks are now doable!! 

What I've learned - read the instructions carefully, align the ruler carefully, and hold the template with all your fingers and thumb very securely when cutting, and cut slowly.  I layered four layers of fabric right side up and didn't have any problems.  I didn't use starch on my fabrics and don't expect it to be a problem on these little pieces.  I will probably starch my GRAVITY pieces because they are so much bigger and will be handled more in the huge quilt top.  I love working with bias pieces and usually do not have a problem with them stretching, but I am very careful with them, too.

Cutting out this little project has inspired me so much, and I am super excited for the upcoming GRAVITY Quilt Along!

You can get your GRAVITY quilt supplies at our sponsors, Craftsy, or your favorite fabric haunt.  Don't forget templates!

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Won't You Join Me?

March 29, 2015

Sunday Stash Report {Architextures Bundle!}

Being on a fairly strict fabric-buying diet, it's always a real treat when I have the excuse to buy some fabric love!  My oldest son really needs a new quilt for his bed; the castle quilt I made for him in 2005 is plain ol' worn out with the fabric threadbare and batting showing through in places.

He is not picky when it comes to his quilt; he wants blues, gray, and yellow and likes every quilt pattern I have shown him!  That leaves me a lot of leeway, so I decided on flying geese for two reasons - I have been wanting to make a quilt with them for some time, and because they represent direction - changing direction, choosing direction - and that's exactly where he is in life at age 19.  I have a layout in mind and plan to design it in EQ7.  There will be a rainbow-y quilt on every bed in the house!

Meet Architextures Crosshatch - My Subtle Rainbow Version!  Brown, oranges, yellow, greens, blues, and black.  The blue on the bottom of the stack is the backing, and the large gray piece is for the quilt top background and binding, with the rainbow pieces for the flying geese.  The gray piece is an extra-wide piece which was cheaper to buy than regular yardage since I need so many yards.

Now, do you really want to see what the fabric looked like when I received it?  Okay, here goes.  This was the pile of fabric exactly as it came out of the bag.  Seriously.  I won't name the company, but there it is on the box!  I only buy from this company when it saves enough money to justify doing so; every other quilt shop packages orders better than this.  The coupon made me order from this shop; really, it was the coupon's fault.

Craftsy now has Crosshatch Extra-Wide Backing in black and white.  It's perfect for my GRAVITY quilt!  I like this option much better than a solid gray or black, plus, I won't have to piece yardage together!  I'm all for that!

March 28, 2015

Urban Churn Dash Sew Along {A Finish!}

Introducing Amish Urban Churn Dash

... another rainbow finish!

I thought I'd keep it, but I don't have a place for it, and she really needs a place to shine!

All Kona fabrics were from my stash except the backing.

Quilt Stats:
  • Pattern:  Urban Churn Dash by Piece N Quilt
  • Size:  Lap size 70" x 73"
  • Fabric:  Kona Solids
  • Batting:  Black 80/20 cotton/poly
  • Backing:  Moda Solid Extra Wide
  • Quilting:  Allover medium meandering in black thread
  • Binding:  Black with mitered corners, attached by machine
  • Value:  Simply stunning!
This quilt was made during the Urban Churn Dash Sew Along at Piece N Quilt.

This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop.  I am taking custom orders for other sizes and fabrics.

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