May 20, 2016

Brick Cottage Lane {a PDF Pattern in 6 Sizes!}

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... Brick Cottage Lane ...

Brick Cottage Lane is an eye-catching, heart-warming pattern that you'll turn to again and again because of its timeless beauty.  This pattern looks fantastic in any fabric combination, including today's modern fabrics, as well as reproduction, primitive, and odd, hard-to-use fabrics.  Anything goes with this pattern.

This pattern is available at an introductory rate for a week, so get yours today and save some cash!  Also, if you pin three of my Etsy listings, not including yard sale items, send me a convo through Etsy with a link to your Pins, and I'll send you a coupon code for 5% off your next purchase of $10 or more!  I'd be every so grateful if you'd pin Brick Cottage Lane!

As usual, I've written the pattern in 6 sizes - baby, small lap, large lap, twin, queen, and king.  Instructions include traditional piecing as well as strip piecing to speed up the process.  The king has over 2600 pieces, so you can see why strip piecing this beauty is the best option.  

The backing just makes me so happy!  It's Picnic from the Vintage Picnic line by Bonnie and Camille which comes extra wide.  It's a super soft backing, and I plan to get more to use as a table cloth.  I used leftover backing to bind the quilt.

Shannon of The Flemings Nine made this gorgeous twin quilt from her hard-to-use fabrics, and they play so nicely together!  Brick Cottage Lane really lets those less-than-favorite fabrics shine!!  Her quilt is for sale in her Etsy shop.

Here's a mockup of the quilt in king size with a black background.  

Please purchase your copy of Brick Cottage Lane pattern at the introductory rate today!

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May 18, 2016

Introducing Stash Builder Fabric Bundles + a New Precut Class

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Oh, you know this picture caught my eye!  Bright, rainbow-y solids stop me in my tracks.  In cruising through my favorite fabric haunts, I found an amazing sale on these Stash Builder Bundles!  Want to bet a biscuit if I bought one or not?  I have to confess ... I didn't buy one of these bright bundles ... 

I bought two!!  {Squeal!!}

I plan to use most of them in my Fancy Forest Quilt!

If the bright solids aren't for you, maybe these super sweet 3 Sisters Favorites are just what you need!

Or a bundle of fun Riley Blake prints!

These fabrics were just a side trip from what I had really gone to see at Craftsy.  Amy Smart's brand new class, Pre-Cut Shortcuts, Quilt Tops in Less Time, has just been released and is 50% off!  You can bet another biscuit that I bought it! Craftsy classes are a great value when factoring in the quilt patterns included in the class materials.  This class includes 5 quilt patterns!

Save big on these Stash Builder Bundles at Craftsy today!

May 17, 2016

A Review of Paul Cardall's New Life CD

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I can't resist sharing this music with you, I ♥ it so much!  New Life by Paul Cardall is the most beautiful and uplifting music I have come across in a long time.  It's instrumental and perfect for relaxing.  I put it on repeat and listened to the album over and over this afternoon while I sewed.  You can listen to the songs on Amazon here.  Is it amazing, or what?!?  Apparently others think it's amazing, too, because 65 out of 71 reviews are 5 stars!

I read in a review that this album by Paul Cardall was recorded post heart transplant surgery.  How appropriate that he named it "New Life"!

May 16, 2016

Business Boutique Conference {my Take Away #1}

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I was so fortunate to attend the Business Boutique conference in Phoenix last week!  I learned a wealth of information, but more than that, I was inspired in so many ways to press on in pursuing my dream of serving others through writing quilt patterns and tutorials.  I plan to share some of my "Take Aways" with you over the next months, so be sure to subscribe to Busy Hands Quilts so you don't miss a post!  

If you have any desire to make money doing what you love, then get your booty to Dallas this weekend to the Business Boutique conference if at all possible.  You won't regret it!

My Take Away #1:

"Life Balance isn't about a 50% split; it's about being 100% in the moment", whether working or at home.  -Christy Wright

The general meaning is that we don't divide our lives evenly - 50% home life and 50% work life.  A successful business {and what does "successful" mean anyway!?!} takes time, and we have to make time for our businesses.  We can't expect to get our desire up and running if we spend 30 minutes a day on it, nor can we expect our families to thrive if we spend 30 minutes a day on them.  There must be balance.

There will be seasons {sometimes many, many years} where our family life takes a lot more than 50% of our time, just as there are seasons {or even years} where our business ventures take more than 50% of our time.  The important thing is to be 100% in the moment, whether it's family or business time.

This likely means something different to you than it does for me, and it will look different in your life than it does in mine.  I am a homemaker, and my days will be different than yours even if you are also a homemaker, and especially if you work full time or even part time.  

The message for me is be there, be in the moment, whatever the moment is.  If I'm sewing or working on a quilt pattern - give it 100%.  If I'm spending time with a friend - give it 100%.  If I'm spending time with my family - give it 100%.  I give myself permission to still dream about fabric and quilting or nothing at all when I'm doing things like cooking dinner, chores, running errands, etc.  I don't expect myself to be 100% in the moment during those times.

This also varies by the stage we are in in life.  For example, I'm down to one child I'm homeschooling, and her work is mostly independent of me.  When the children were less independent in their school work, I used to pop into my sewing room whenever I had the chance, even if it was for 10 minutes at a time, and this is the way I created quilts.  It worked well for that season, which was many years.  

Now that I have more "free" time, I can give my time more consistently to my business and create a more definite schedule for it.  However, I must still remain flexible with my time because I have older kids who come home at varying times of the day and need to share their day with me.  I've learned to listen when they talk, or they won't talk.  That's being 100% in the moment.  One of the potential problems with developing a set-in-stone schedule and not being flexible with our time is we can become less available to serve others in our lives - our family, friends, and even ourselves.  

And that leads to another of my Business Boutique Take Aways which I'll share another day - Defining my personal values and living by them so my life is in balance.

Note:  We all hear and view things differently, depending on our life experiences, the filter by which we screen everything we hear and see, and our values and opinions.  What I heard at the Business Boutique may not have been spoken in words at all.  All wording and interpretation of the Business Boutique in this post is expressly mine and I encourage you to attend a Business Boutique conference to receive the inspiration and direction meant just for you.