May 7, 2012

Swagbucks: An Easy Way to Earn Amazon Gift Cards and Other Prizes!

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Search & Win

Have you noticed the Swagbucks widget in the sidebar and wondered what it's all about? Swagbucks is a way to earn prizes while you do simple things online like searching for things you already search for, such as fabric!  There is no cost and no catch.

I am earning Amazon gift cards using the Swagbucks program, and I plan to treat my family to a Kindle Fire with the Amazon gift cards.  So far I have earned enough points for a $50 gift card but am saving the points to get a $100 gift card.  {ETA:  I've learned it is better to redeem $5 gift cards rather than $100 gift cards.  I'll post about this tomorrow.}

By signing up for Swagbucks, I earn Swagbucks when you earn!  How cool is that?!

Here are the ways I earn points everyday, all taking very little time.  
  • Searching.  This is by far the way I earn the most points since I do a lot of searching for homeschooling curricula.  If you search for anything on the web, Swagbucks may be for you.
  • The Daily Poll for 1 buck
  • NOSO for 2 bucks
  • Swagcodes.  I use Swagcode Spoiler for a heads-up via email on where Swagcodes are found on the web and when they expire, and then I redeem them at the Swagbucks homepage.
  • Swagbucks TV, 10 short videos for 3 bucks.  I choose something from the Homes and Garden tab because they are about the only wholesome videos available.  Only the first part of the video needs viewed, and you can "watch" the same ones over and over.  I click on one, go about my merry business, either doing something else on the computer or somewhere else in the house, and click another later.  I have been known to click videos as I quilt!  Even now as I write this post there is a video playing in another tab.
  • Special Offers, usually a short video advertisement which just has to play on your computer to the end to earn 2 bucks.  Again, this can play in the background.
Ways I occasionally earn are:
  • Coupons, print at home and redeem at local store and earn points.
  • Surveys
Now you know how to win Swagbucks!  And Fridays are mega Swagbucks days when you can win lots of extra Swagbucks searching.  The most bucks I have earned searching was 40 swagbucks for one search.

Amazon gift cards also make great Mother's Day Presents and can be delivered via email for a very last-minute gift!

By signing up for Swagbucks, I earn Swagbucks when you earn!


Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

My Fiance is doing the same thing. Be careful because they're changing the prices. We calculated that it is most worth to get the $5 card, you need waaaay more points to get the $10, $25 or $50 cards. It is not the multiplication of the points you need for the $5 one, but you "pay" a lot more for the most expensive ones... just a suggestion. You need 450 points for a $5 card, so you exchange 90 points for a $1. And instead of 2250 points you need 3150 to buy the $25 card which is 126 points/dollar, and 5900 points to get the $50 card. So by the time you get to the $50 card, you're exchanging 118 points for a $1. The $100 card is 11599 points which means you're still exchanging way more than 90 points/$1 (116 pts/dollar).

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

@ Kati. Thank you so much! You are so right!!