October 9, 2014

2011 and Earlier Projects Up + Fall and Winter Decoration Ideas

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I am doing some updating here on the blog and have completed the 2011 and 
Earlier Project page.  Back in the day we didn't take pictures of everything we made, so there aren't a whole lot of pictures before 2011.  You can be assured I sewed and sewed and sewed even without having an audience.  I always have.

I will continue updating the blog over the next while, including a new template, so there will be some down-time.  Never fear, it will come back!

Some very good news here regarding the expense for Millie's vision therapy, which is $4000 over the next six months.  I was advised by Christian Healthcare Ministries, our health costs sharing program, to contact the local school district as they sometimes have money set aside for things such as vision therapy.  I have been in contact with the school district and have not yet been told "no, we don't have funds for that," so we are hoping that works out for at least part of the cost, if not all!  Wouldn't that be amazing!  

In Washington State, all programs, classes, sports, etc., which are available to public school students are also available to homeschooled students, so even though we homeschool, this funding may be available to us. 

I have recently discovered Zulily, an online marketplace selling unique, quality items, including clothing for the whole family, home decor, toys, baby and maternity, as well as health and beauty.  The deals only last a short time, sometimes only one day, so it's best not to wait on buying something you love!

Here are some things I really like!

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I love this cozy home decor!

I love the signs - my house is filled with them!

Here are some cheerful Christmas decor ideas.  Wouldn't it be nice to not feel the pressure of having to make everything?

And to warm up your own toes, here are some deals on winter boots for you.

And if you have a new pair of boots, maybe the Mister needs a new pair of Justin boots, too!

Thank you for shopping through my affiliate links.  All money earned from Busy Hands Quilts, Cut Sew Create, and affiliate links goes toward Millie's $4,000 vision therapy bill.  The bar chart in the sidebar tells how much is in the fund.

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