October 11, 2014

I'm On the Lookout For This Lace!

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I have long loved lace curtains but took a break from them since building this house and decorating with a primitive style - primitive as in darker, muted colors, not primitive as in lace.  We had a lace valance in the living room of our previous house for 11 years, so after that amount of time I was done with lace curtains.

...Fast forward through nine years...

Primitive Log Cabin Valances
{I still have them if you want them!  Six in all, 10x54-ish} 

Current Bee My Honey Valances
{made this summer, not posted about yet} 
Don'tcha love my weird chickens?

This week's thrift store find was 10 lace panels.  I snatched them up for $20, planning on cutting them up and creating valances for across the top of the windows, not swags down the sides.  But then I fell in love with them as pictured above!  My heart says YES!!  And they look super cozy welcoming from the street, too!  

The problem with hanging them as shown without cutting them up is there are six windows in the living room, and 6 x 2 = 12, not 10.  Plus, they're really not wide enough for the windows and need a center valance to create more gathers. And there are no ties, but I figure I can create those out of ribbon or yarn.  

This looks like a fairly standard lace, but I spent yesterday online trying to find curtains in this lace but found nothing similar.  I'm not crying a river yet.  I'm headed to some other thrift stores since this must just be plain old lace.

Here's a close-up if you happen to have some lying around in a closet?!?
The largest flowers are 3.5".  It is ivory in color.

Craftsy is celebrating reaching 5 million members!  

That's amazing, and I am SO happy to be one of them!

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Wow!  I didn't know Craftsy had all that either!

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