January 1, 2015

Lilla Rose January 2015 Flexi of the Month {Sapphire ICE}

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Lilla Rose has released January's Flexi of the Month!  Sapphire ICE is a stunning set!  I wear a Flexi everyday because they are so comfortable, pretty, and keep my hair contained.  I'd be forever flicking my hair back if I quilt with my hair down, and I'd probably mangle it in my rotary cutter since my hair is long and I'm short {so my head's closer to the table than yours :}  

On some Sundays I wear my hair as shown in the picture since it's a little fancier than my regular do's.  The Flexi is amazingly secure and holds my hair this way all day with no other pins, claws, or contraptions!

Myra Barnes
Independent Lilla Rose Consultant

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