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May 17, 2016

A Review of Paul Cardall's New Life CD

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I can't resist sharing this music with you, I ♥ it so much!  New Life by Paul Cardall is the most beautiful and uplifting music I have come across in a long time.  It's instrumental and perfect for relaxing.  I put it on repeat and listened to the album over and over this afternoon while I sewed.  You can listen to the songs on Amazon here.  Is it amazing, or what?!?  Apparently others think it's amazing, too, because 65 out of 71 reviews are 5 stars!

I read in a review that this album by Paul Cardall was recorded post heart transplant surgery.  How appropriate that he named it "New Life"!

1 comment :

Shannon said...

I like the tracks with the piano in them!