July 17, 2020

Pin It For Sales - A Review - It's Amazing!

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I'm super excited to share with you a course I've had the opportunity to review before its launch.  Pin It For Sales is a complete course by Emily Dennis in which you'll learn how to build your business using Pinterest to drive more traffic and more sales to your online shop.  If you have an online shop and are working towards getting a steady stream of daily sales, this class will help!  

I've been through the program in its entirety and am so pleased at how much information it includes - way more than I was expecting!  Emily answers questions about Pinterest that I had been wondering.  This is some of what the course includes, and there is more!

  • The how-to side of Pinterest and creating boards and/or cleaning up boards you already have.
  • How to write a pin description.
  • Do I pin from my shop or my blog?
  • What about group boards?
  • How to take great photos with an iPhone, including a live photoshoot tutorial, complete with simple props and natural lighting (no fancy DSLR camera or light system).  
  • How to bulk edit photos, name and organize them, including tutorials on several photo editing programs, some of which are free.
  • Creating the best photo size for Pinterest.
  • Tutorials on combining photos and adding text - three different program options and tutorials for each.
  • How often should I be pinning?
  • What should I pin?
  • Do I re-pin old pins or make new pins?
  • Tagging products in pins.
  • Should I ever delete pins?
  • How to schedule pins months and weeks ahead of time.
  • How to quickly create fresh content to pin.
  • And So . Much . More !!

After implementing just two things about board titles and descriptions mentioned in Module One, my Pinterest stats were up 5% in one day, and they have continued to climb.  

You can read more about Pin It To Sales by Emily Dennis right over here.  

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