January 18, 2012

Let It Snow, Let Me Sew

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Bookworm made this sign for me a year ago.  It is freezing cold here at 11 degrees with a wind chill of -7.  It could be snowing, but ya' can't tell because of the wind.  So I am sewing up a storm inside our cozy house!

Eagle Eye made this sign for me this year for a New Years present.  It is made with a wood burner.  He saw the wood in Mr.Heart's scrap wood pile and the banner shape made him think of these words from a favorite hymn, "Love Is The Kingdom's Banner".

Love is the Kingdom's banner:
Lift it against the sky,
Over the field of battle,
Where the needy cry.
Even though death assail us,
Let us His banner raise:
Hope of the dying nations,
And our Master's praise.

Love is the Kingdom's banner-
By it shall all men know
Jesus hath come and dwelleth
With His saints below.
Loving as He hath loved us,
Dwelling in unity:
This shall declare His kingdom,
Feeble though we be.

Know that the hosts of evil,
Love's banner shall assail;
But as we love and trust Him,
Jesus will prevail.
Fresh as the dew of heaven,
His graces shall descend:
He who hath loved and given,
Loveth to the end!

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