August 10, 2012

HELP! What Do I Do With All This Zucchini?

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About now you might be wondering what to do with your huge supply of zucchini?!?  This is what happens to zucchini at our house.  First we fry it with a little bit of butter until it is mostly burned.  We all agree this is our favorite way to eat zucchini.  But there comes a point in harvest where we can't keep up with what is being produced so ... we freeze it.  

In case you aren't sitting down, now would be a good time to do so.  

It's a very difficult, complicated process.


We put one-cup portions in freezer bags.  

You can hide zucchini in just about anything.

Most any hot dish

And the only way they know it is there is an occasional green speck that could be nothing other than

We've got 30 bags so far!


Anonymous said...

Never thought of that. Great idea. We make zucchini relish and use on hot dogs, black eyed peas, etc.

karen608 said...

How about zucchini bread. I once saw a recipe for onion in cookies too. I have a lot of onions given to me this week so they are featured in spaghetti sauce, brown gravy goulash, fried. Will freeze what we can't use up in due time. No one has given me zucchini yet as it has been such a drought year.

Kirsten said...

I made a slice recently using grated Zucchini - the post is here.

Michelle C said...

Have you thought about using it in soup or stew? LOL. We freeze larger portions so there's no measuring required when it comes time for chocolate cake.

Nicole @ Busy Mom in the Kitchen said...

I created a post on freezing shredding zucchini last week too! Fall must definitely be in the air. ;) Thanks for stopping by!