December 1, 2012

A Super Cute Skirt For My Sister!

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An uber cute skirt for my sis, if I may say so myself!  We three sisters recently vacationed together, and my next older sis had found the most darling skirt that fit her perfectly, so I offered to make her more of them.  {Sigh}  Skirts that fit, are cute, and modest are SO hard to find.  {Sigh}  She and my other sis went off to the fabric store and picked out two knit fabrics.  This skirt is made from a deep navy denim-look knit and has an elastic waist, an extended length yoke, and is finished with a moderate flare.

I was a tad nervous about sewing knit fabrics because it has been years since I have done so.  I can't even remember what I have made with knit fabrics, but it must have been something for the kids...?  I read some tips online and discovered, it really ain't no big deal, and truly it wasn't!  I would consider a serger a must-have to sew knits with a nice professional look, and I've got one!  My dear husband bought me one 20 years ago when we were first married!  Knit fabrics also require a ball tipped needle on the sewing machine, but I did not change the needles on my serger.  However, I may have been sewing with ball tipped needles on it already and just didn't know it.  ☺  Just use lots of pins, sew slowly, and don't pull on the fabric as you go.  That's pretty much it!

The skirt is in the mail to her, and hopefully she gets it before she reads about it here!  If it suits her fancy, I will make her another one out of the second fabric she chose.  It is way wilder than this fabric {I was surprised she chose it!}, and I love it!

So now I am inspired to make knit skirts for Millie and myself!  Trouble is, there ain't any knit fabric in the stash!  Uh oh!

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a wonderful skirt! I remember when I used to sew with knits.....great for clothes.
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