May 17, 2013

Destash of Huge Bundle of Homespun Fabric Strips

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Basket of Homespun Scraps
For sale at Busy Hands Quilts on Etsy is a huge pile of primitive homespun fabric scraps, mostly strips around 4" wide, some smaller, some wider; all ready to be torn into strips for braiding, crocheting, or knitting. When I used this fabric, I tore the strips the length of the fabric, which was usually several yards in length, so the strips could be long strips rather than just the width of the fabric.  Colors include plaids and checks in cream, dark green, sage green, navy blue, burgundy, and deep purple; all are primitive woven homespuns. These scraps fill a LARGE flat-rate box to the gills. It will be stuffed totally full, and taped well to keep from popping open! The fabric weighs approximately 6 pounds. Assuming 2.5 yards of fabric per pound, this is approximately 15-ish yards, though it would be impossible to measure.  All fabrics are from my smoke-free home.

PLEASE help me clear this huge box out of my craft closet!!

The basket measures 22" across for reference!!


Basket of Homespun Scraps

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