September 6, 2013

Girls 14/16 Modest Skirt with Apron Overlay

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Modest girls skirts are so hard to find these days, so I sometimes end up making them for my daughter.  She is growing up and no longer fits into girls sizes, much to the budget's dismay. {Sigh.}  
I was informed yesterday that she doesn't really want me sewing clothes for her anymore.  Oh, really?  I was a bit taken aback!  I reminded her of tiered skirts made with upcycled denim jeans, and she said those were okay.  In fact, she was in the fabric closet today picking out what she wanted for her next two tiered skirts!  Then there's the knit skirt I made her about a month ago using one of her store-bought skirts as a pattern, and that one was acceptable.  I think what she means is that skirts like this one are OUT, mom.  Not everything you make, just the younger girlish ones.  Yes, I made this for her, and she didn't like it, so it is going in my Etsy shop to sell.  :{
Girls 14/16 Modest Apron Overlay Skirt
Adorable red polka dot yoke paired with beautiful light blue, royal blue, and red flowers.
Girls 14/16 Modest Apron Overlay Skirt
The underskirt peeking out beneath the apron overlay.
Girls 14/16 Modest Apron Overlay Skirt
A full length view with the apron overlay folded back.
Girls 14/16 Modest Apron Overlay Skirt
Close-up of interior details; professionally serged edges and ribbon tag in the back.
Girls 14/16 Modest Apron Overlay Skirt
Skirt Stats:
  • Size:  14/16
  • Waist Size:  25" unstretched to 40" stretched
  • Hip Size:  44" {6" down from waist at side}
  • Length:  27"
  • Fabric:  England Swings and Flower Sugar, with unknown polka dot; all quilt-shop quality
  • Value:  Cheerily feminine!
This skirt is for sale in my Etsy shop, BusyHandsQuilts.  This skirt is a one-of-a-kind skirt, and I will not be making another one in this size and fabric combination.

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

It's really cute. I stopped sewing for my kids by the time they were 10 except for Halloween. They really get so picky.

Serena @ Sewgiving said...

I'm just getting into sewing for my girls and I'm lucky they are still at an age where they love it - but I've heard that it all changes as they get older. Here's a new blog that might help you entice your daughter back into your sewing room -

Kathleen said...

Well I think this is adorable and will sell quickly!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a cute skirt! I remember sewing for my daughter and then when she got in middle school....didn't want me to. Thanks for sharing.
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