July 10, 2014

Antique Quilt Project For a Friend

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One of my dear old friends asked me to quilt a quilt her grandmother had made.  It is not known when she made it, but my friend is in her 80s, so this quilt would be at least 90 years old if her grandmother had made it when she was 50!  I was a bit nervous about quilting it because it is such a treasure, and it took me many months to get around to finishing it for her.
Antique Quilt
It had previously been hand tied, so I removed the ties, repaired the loose seams (it was completely hand-stitched), and quilted it on Mrs.Singer in an allover meandering pattern.  I did not remove the batting or backing before quilting it, but left the layers together, hoping they wouldn't shift too much when on the quilting rails, and this worked just fine.  I then bound it with reproduction fabrics in purples and pinks that I had on hand.  The quilt top has never been washed, and I did not wash it when it was finished, as I usually do, because I most certainly did not want to ruin it!!
Antique Quilt
She is super tickled with it and put it on her bed to use everyday!  How often we put old things away and don't use them because they are precious!  This quilt is being used and appreciated instead of being hidden away.
Antique Quilt
Quilt Stats:
  • Quilt Top:  Pattern unknown, stitched by hand.
  • Fabric:  The real deal, very old.
  • Batting:  Polyester, thick
  • Backing:  Solid pale purple, very old.
  • Quilting:  Allover meandering in white polyester thread on Mrs.Singer, my antique 31-15 which is mounted on a 12-foot quilting frame.
  • Binding:  Reproduction fabrics in purples and pinks, new
  • Value:  Irreplacable! 


Sheila said...

Beautiful old quilt. You did good, dear. The quilting and binding is perfect. I agree that it should be used, not put away in a drawer.

Heidi said...

Oh My Goodness, I am in love with this quilt, and you did a lovely job finishing it!
Found your blog through Val's Archive linkup!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Hi Myra....I went throught the same apprehesion quilting the Sun Bonnete Sues. Now that they are delivered, the owners are soooo happy with them and like you said, so much better to see them being used and cherished rather than stuck in a treasure chest.