March 3, 2015

{SQUEAL!} Look What Came in the Mail!

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Oh my beating, fluttering ♥!  

GRAVITY is here!  In . my . hands and ♥!

This quilt is all . for . me . my room . my bed!  

{Sorry kids - hands off this one!}

Seriously.  No kidding.  Not a joke.  For reals.  

I often say I'm going to keep a quilt ... and then don't!

But this one is all mine!

I am considering having it professionally quilted! 


Here's the kit - the pattern book, 5 grays and black plus 108 different 10" squares. Two Jaybird templates are required, the Hex N More and the Super Sidekick. The Hex N More is on sale at Craftsy, as is the Sidekick Ruler, although Gravity uses the Super Sidekick, not the regular Sidekick.  I am looking forward to learning how to use these rulers so I can make quilt patterns that look difficult but really aren't with the right template. 

Jaybird Quilts, the designer of Gravity, has posted tips on color placement for Block 1 Horizon to make a quilt identical to the one pictured.  Phew!  I was wondering how I'd know which colors to use when!

I'm hosting a Gravity Quilt Along!

Won't you follow along?

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

that is gorgeous Myra. if I had all of those things on hand, you could start that QALS, and I would join. but I don't want to have to buy everything right away. it is going to be beautiful with that Kona fabric!

Jasmine said...

I have both her rulers and her first book. I can't wait to see your progress.

Shannon said...

I'm chuckling over here! It doesn't surprise me that it would be a rainbow quilt! Love the layer cakes you got.

Kitty said...

This is gorgeous, and I definitely would be wanting to make it exactly the same as the sample, too! I'm eager to hear how it goes--it looks like a complex quilt, but maybe with the rulers it's easy? I've never made a quilt from a kit so I am not sure I'd know where to start. Then again, I am the type who uses patterns as a jumping-off place to create my own version, so..... :) Have fun with it!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous - great project, I'd love to make this and will be following your progress. Just love the colour in this!

Laura Chaney said...

How fun! I've seen Gravity popping up online and I think it's a GREAT quilt for you to keep for yourself!!

mumbird3 said...

WOW simply wow - looks goregeous!

Jennie said...

I am with you all the way - my kit is in the post!!! I can't wait!