April 13, 2015

Starching Fabrics {My Favorite Method}

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This past week over our spring vacation, I began starching and cutting fabrics in preparation for the upcoming GRAVITY Quilt Along.  I started out with regular aerosol starch from the grocery store and found the fabrics took a long time to dry, like over 30 minutes!  Eeek, that is a long time to wait!  The fabric also ended up with white flakes which put a gummy residue on my iron. Not so good!

While in a quilt shop searching for fabrics for my next custom order, I picked up a bottle of Best Press since I have heard so many good things about it.  I'm excited because it's not aerosol!

After switching to Best Press, I am hooked!  It isn't leaving white flakes on my fabric or gunking my iron, it doesn't need to dry before ironing, and it even smells nice.  I also like that it leaves the fabric with a softer hand, not stiff like a towel that's been on the clothesline in the summer, which is what the aerosol starches tend to do.

I found Best Press on sale this week!  It even comes in a pack of six small bottles, perfect for a gift set or to use at a quilting class or retreat!

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The Gravity Quilt Along officially kicks off on Friday, April 17th!  I hope to see you there!

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Terri Ann @ ChildlikeFascination.com said...

I use best press when I'm making something that I won't wash when it's done like crafty items and handbags but have always found Niagra to be my go-to when I'm piecing a quilt top, I really like that stiffness when I'm piecing. I do love those small bottles cause they are great on-the-go!

Shannon said...

I have never used starch when quilting before. Thanks for the info. By the way, I saw your beautiful quilt on Quilt Story today. Let me say again - it is beautiful!