May 14, 2015

New Lilla Rose Hair Flexis + Sale! {Lovin' the Solid Colors!}

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You know how much I love rainbows and solids, and ta-da, Lilla Rose must have been reading my blog, because they've introduced a new line of Flexi clips called Color Basics!  They come in the fresh, spring colors that I wear all year long!   Be still calm my beating heart!  All 5 colors come in 7 different sizes - there's a perfect size for any hair type and length.

I wear a Flexi-Clip everyday because they are so comfortable and keep my long hair safely out of the way.  Imagine me endlessly climbing up and down the rolling ladder accessing the highest shelves in my fabric warehouse, as well as moving box after box of fabric - everyday and all day long, no less - with my hair in a tangled mess, wrapped around my neck and in my eyes, and I lose my balance and ... okay, enough of that.  I ♥ my Flexi-Clips!  

Yep, that's me!
Thursday and Friday you'll receive 10% off the new color line and free shipping on orders of $40 or more!  Be still calm your beating heart!

And because you know I love picture overload, here's all the colors in all the sizes!

I'm getting all of them except yellow as a birthday present to myself!  It is amazing how many times a year my birthday comes around!

 Do you have a favorite?

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