April 22, 2016

How I Plan to Improve my Walking Foot Skills

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A Facebook reader suggested I was being too critical of my quilting when I posted that I plan to take out the quilting I had done because I didn't like it.  So here's my ghastly quilting {cringe!}.  I was too literal in following the wave of the bargello, and the turns are too sharp.  Quilting with a walking foot is not new to me, but I can see I need more practice before I work on this again, or else I need a different plan.  

I noticed this morning that Craftsy is having a 50% off selected classes, so I popped on over to see if they had any walking foot quilting classes, and they did!!  Two in fact, Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot and Next Steps with your Walking Foot, both by Jacquie Gering, each at a different skill level.  So I bought Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot since it's the first in the series and started watching it today.  I've already learned about painter's tape for marking - a new thought for me.  I've always used a Hera marker which most certainly has its place, but I can certainly see where painter's tape will save time!  I plan to buy Next Steps with your Walking Foot after I practice what I learn in the first class.  

If you're interested in improving your walking foot skills, these classes {and many others} are 50% off through tomorrow.


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Shannon said...

Since you're keeping the quilt, you might do the seam ripping. At least it's not that big of a quilt! How come you didn't do V's instead?

Shannon said...

Never mind on the V's - that was a stupid suggestion since your columns are different widths! Duh!

lvkwilt said...

I took this class and loved it--Jacquie knows her stuff and teaches it well. I am a huge Craftsy fan and the quality of the classes is always amazing.

Gloria said...

I too took Jacque Guering's first walking foot course and it greatly expanded both my skill level and my vision. I have purchased the second one but have not watched it yet. You may beat me to it so I will watch to see what you say about it. Thanks for this post and for the encouragement to continue to learn!