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February 12, 2011

Americana Pinwheel Quilt

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This rather boring quilt top was put on the chopping block  and became...

... this beauty!! 

Pretty amazing, isn't it!  Looks like I spent a month cutting little pieces with a template, doesn't it?!  Nope, just my delightful new Twister tool.  You can get yourself one at Country Schoolhouse!  Sew fun!

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Carol said...

Wow! That's really something!

Jasmine said...

This looks great in reds and blues. I love twister quilts.

knettycraft said...

It looks very pretty. I love the dark red frame you added.

Valerie Reynolds said...

ALways never tire of the before and after of the "twist"...love your color comibination! Thanks for rejuvinating this post at Tuesday ARchives!!