April 30, 2011

Star Struck Quilt

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Here is the Star Struck quilt half quilted.  I began the blocks several years ago and never finished them {gasp}.  There are about 160 of these blocks, and it takes four to complete a Star Struck block, so I have enough for at least three crib-sized quilts.  The blocks are all assembled, and I am squaring them up as I need them, a very necessary step as I was not a very neat quilter back then. 

I began quilting this using straight-line quilting, which I have never done before on a quilt of this size.  My terrific old Bernina has a foot attachment with an adjustable guide for sewing straight lines.  The more I learn about her extra feet, the more I love her!  I am finding I am really enjoying this new way of quilting as my usual way of quilting a quilt is random stipple, and I also really like the effect of the straight lines.  However, I plan to get a walking foot for my sewing machine before I finish this project to make it easier. 

These are the leftover triangles from the corners of the individual blocks.  I am sew glad I took the time to sew the extra line of stitching to create them!  These are being used as a top border in the quilts.

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