October 9, 2011

Country Porch Friends Blog Party

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About the Hearts Family: 
  • Mrs.Hearts ain't my real name.
  • I have been married to Mr.Hearts for a long time - and he won't know you're talking to him if you call him Mr.Hearts.
  • Our oldest son is Bookworm - 16 - this is what happens when you let your kids name themselves.
  • The middle boy is Eagle Eye - 13 - another example of self-naming. 
  • Millie is our youngest - 10 -  she has changed her name numerous times {of course}.
  • We are in our sixth year of homeschooling.  It is the best, most life-altering  choice we as parents have ever made ... after serving the Lord, of course.
About The Hearts Homestead:
  • We have 14 chickens; 7 Barred Rocks and 7 Auracanas.  They are often threatened with the stew pot because we do NOT get 14 eggs a day.
  • Molly, our golden lab, is 13-1/2 years old ... and acts more and more like she is 91 years old.
  • Hobbes, the cat, frequently gets into scraps with other animals so he can come home and get some sympathy. 
  • Lightning, the fastest hamster we have ever had, is  2 months old and is pure white and as adorable as any rodent can be.
  • We live where the sky is clear 58 days of the year ... no joke.
About Mrs.Hearts' Addiction to Quilting:
  • I have been playing with fabric and yarn for 3 decades ... { gulp }.
  • I began to quilt about 8 years ago.
  • I remember clearly when I first fell in love with quilt-shop quality fabric.  I was often seen ... fondling ... fabric ... and still am. :}
  • The first fabrics I loved were Thimbleberries and 1930s reproductions, and now I am moving toward more modern, brighter designs.
  • I have a dream to design my own quilt pattern(s) someday.
  • I have more fabric in my closet than clothes.
  • I sew nearly ... every ... day.
  • I have a little bitty Etsy shop ... Busy Hands Quilts!
Why I blog:
  • To let out the many things rattling around in my brain.
  • To have a record of all the items I have sewn.
  • To hear from others who have similar interests.
  • 'Cause I enjoy being creative with my blog layout and design.
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Graced Simplicity said...

So good to meet you, Mrs. Hearts. ;0) I must let you know, I was giggling throughout your post! :0)

Such BEAUTIFUL work! I too, LOVE quilts. Especially old ones! I have a little fetish for rag quilts right now. I hope to one day make my own.

Thanks for linking up at the blog party! It's wonderful to "meet" you!

Much Love & Blessings,

P.S. Love your the hymns you have playing. Just beautiful.

Mary@The Encouraging Home said...

Stopping by from the Country Porch Friends Blog Party. Enjoyed learning about you and look forward to looking around. I used to quilt and loved it!! They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I too have rattlings in my brain. I would love to be able to quilt but I don't think i would have the talent-ie patience -for it, so I admire your work. Nice to meet you!

Simply Cornish said...

"Sew" wonderful to meet you Mrs. Hearts. I am a former quilt shop owner so I do know all about obsession with quilts. Sorry to say, that since I have been retired and have moved to AZ, I have not produced too many quilts. In fact, yesterday, I was perusing my quilt books looking for just the right quilt to make for our guest bedroom. I will so enjoy brousing through you blog. Anxious to see to works of your hands.

Amy said...

It's so nice to "meet" you via Esther's blog party. I'm not a quilter, but I love all the pictures from the quilting posts. They're so pretty!

Amber @ Luv and Laughter said...

I'm stopping by from Esther's party. I love quilts and sewing when I have the patients for it. I would love to learn how to quilt one day. But for now I'm lucky to get the pieces together :o).

Emily Fay said...

Hello! It's so wonderful to meet you! I see we have lots in common! :) I will be back! :)

Intentional Living Homestead said...

So glad to have met you...look forward to returning to your blog.