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June 7, 2012

Mrs.Hexie - My Patchwork Prism QAL Progress

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Phew!  I just finished piecing my Patchwork Prism quilt, named Mrs.Hexie.  For some reason, I am into naming things "Mrs."  First myself, Mrs.Hearts, then Mrs.Singer, Mrs.Bernina, Mrs.Star, and now, Mrs.Hexie!

I have learned that template quilting is not for me; I am a strip quilter at ♥!!  I did get a little very weary of the bias edges and look forward to my next project working on the straight grain again.  

A quilting skill I learned from a fellow blogger is how to prevent puckers when one layer of fabric is slightly longer than the other, a more common phenomenon when working with bias edges.  While gently stretching the fabrics until they lay flat together, place a pin parallel to the edge of the fabric, about 1/2" away from the edge so the presser foot doesn't run it over.  This results in gentle easing in of the longer edge and no puckers {unless, of course, one edge is significantly longer than the other and it simply is too much to ease in}.

Mrs.Hexie is made almost completely from Annie's Farm Stand fabrics by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse with a handful of other fabrics tossed in where I didn't have enough in a colorway, especially the yellows and greens.  You may remember I am redoing my living room in AFS fabrics.  This will make a nice addition to the room as a lap quilt.  The only wall big enough to display her on receives the afternoon sun, and I don't want her to fade over time.

I haven't completely decided if I'll quilt Mrs.Hexie using straight lines or if she will go on Mrs.Singer's long arm rails for an all-over meandering stitch.  She would look awesome with straight-line quilting, but Mrs.Singer could quilt her much faster than quiting straight lines on Mrs.Bernina and her walking foot.  Mrs.Singer cannot stitch in straight lines.  I'll show you a completed picture next week!

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