April 22, 2013

Custom Dream On Queen Quilt Progress #1

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I recently received an order for a custom queen-sized quilt in the Dream On pattern.  My customer provided five of the fabrics, and Millie and I had fun filling in the other 15 at a local quilt shop.  One of my favorite things is to buy fabric at the local quilt shop when someone else is paying for it!  The fabric request was geometrics and solids to match the fabrics sent to me.  The quilt top is nearly done, and I haven't made any progress reports here, yet!

The six strips of blocks below will be separated by a 7-inch white strip which really pulls the quilt top together in a cohesive way.  These strips run horizontally on the quilt, not vertically as shown in the picture.  I pinned it to my design wall in this direction because it only used two pins per strip versus pinning the entire strip horizontally.  I didn't make any mistakes in the direction of the arrows until the very last strip - go figure!

Custom Dream On Queen Quilt
And my worstest fear is that I will finish the quilt, have it quilted and bound, and then realize that one of the arrows points in the wrong direction!

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