April 24, 2013

Hanging a Large Quilt on the Wall

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Bare living room wall

A reader asked about the quilt rack shown in The Bare Wall Dilemma post, so I thought I'd tell all of my readers about it.  The wooden quilt rack uses pressure to hold the quilt.  It is two long pieces of wood sandwiched together and held by the six wooden knobs along its length.  The back piece of wood attaches to the wall with three screws.  The screws are installed in the wall, and the back wood piece hangs from them, which makes the entire quilt rack removable.  It is much easier to put the quilt on the rack on the floor and then hang it rather than attach a heavy queen quilt to it when the rack is already hanging on the wall, especially when the rack is about 11 feet off the ground, and I'm on a ladder!  The knobs loosen to allow a quilt to slip into the bottom section, and when the knobs are tightened, the pressure holds the quilt in place.  It is a great way to not harm the quilt and also to not need a hanging pocket.

I purchased this quilt rack seven years ago from a veteran-owned company, G-Wiz Custom Wood Products.  You can totally customize your quilt rack as to the style of hanger, the type of wood, your choice of stain/paint color, and the exact length.  They offer free shipping and currently have a 20% off sale.

Free Shipping on orders $35+

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