August 30, 2013

The Quilt Whose Backing Became a Quilt Top Which Became a Quilt Finally Got Quilted!

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Do you remember The Backing Which Became a Quilt Top Which Became a Quilt?  I finally finished the quilt which got robbed of her backing! {blush}

Calm Serenity Log Cabin Lap Quilt
The clothesline is most often used to photograph quilts!
Calm Serenity Log Cabin Lap Quilt

Calm Serenity Log Cabin Lap Quilt

Calm Serenity Log Cabin Lap Quilt
The backing is a stash buster!
Calm Serenity Log Cabin Lap Quilt
And here are some less official pictures from the photo shoot.  Mrs. Floppy Comb wanted to pose with the quilt, so here she is.
Calm Serenity Log Cabin Lap Quilt
And while she is here with us, I'll tell you her story. One of her legs got squished about three weeks ago. Like squished, bad.  No blood, but hurt badly inside.  Her leg got caught under chicken tractor on accident when it was being moved,  and, needless to say, she wouldn't move the leg or walk at all.  A chicken tractor is a portable coop that is moved everyday so the chickens have fresh grass and bugs to eat, and so their deadly poop doesn't kill the grass.  It keeps them safe from eagles.  We lost two to an eagle earlier this year in May {my husband saw the second attack}.  It is disappointing to pen them in after 2.5 years of allowing our chickens free range on several acres.  In that time we lost only one chicken to an eagle, and she was half-blind {Mrs.Special}.
Chicken Tractor
{Back to} Mrs. Floppy Comb who has been living in the chicken infirmary in our garage ever since said leg incident happened.  We have learned from past leg mishaps not to give up too easily, that they take at least two weeks to heal, if not more. {One chicken hung herself by the leg on a nail - don't ask how - suffice it to say, they have very small brains.}  But back to Mrs. Floppy Comb.  We put her in the backyard for sunshine, fresh air, grass, and bugs everyday, and she is even becoming a bit tame and friendly to her captors.  She has slowly improved and is getting around fairly well but still has a hitch in her get-along, so she isn't quite ready to be put back with the rest of the chickens.  She should be ready to be put back in a few days, and she will be very happy for their company again, I am sure.  There's nothing like spending 20 hours a day in a box by yourself to help you appreciate your squawking, pecking neighbors.  

Her redeeming grace for not heading to the soup pot is that she has laid an egg nearly everyday while in the infirmary, plus the fact that no one on our homestead butchers chickens, and it is too far to the butcher to take only one!  Besides, I might hurt my leg one day, and I want the kids to learn that we show compassion not the chopping block when one is injured!
Mrs. Floppy Comb
Ah, yes, this is a post about a quilt!

Quilt Stats:
  • Pattern:  Log Cabin Big Blocks
  • Measures:  61" square
  • Fabric:  Connecting Threads mix with Moda Bella White
  • Batting: 100% cotton
  • Quilting:  Allover medium meander on Mrs.Singer, my antique 1896 Singer 31-15 mounted on a quilting frame
  • Binding:  Double fold of the same fabrics, attached by machine
  • Value:  Old-fashioned charm!
This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop, BusyHandsQuilts!


marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Awesome quilt.

~Kelie~ said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! I love the colors you used! Makes me want to run to my scrap bin and start a log cabin quilt!!!

Marti said...

I saw your chicken tractor photo on another website (thank you for watermarking your photo so I could find you!) and was happy to see you are a fellow quilter too. Do you have another blog post about your chicken tractor - I'm curious about the skids with curved tips and how you move it.