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April 7, 2014

Fresh Flowers Quilt-Along - I'm In!! - My Fabric Choices

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Fresh Flowers Quilt-Along
It's hard to do, but I'm getting more courageous - I'm breaking into my California Girl layer cake, pulling out four or five fabrics and using them in a project! One of these fabrics will not be included in the quilt top, but I haven't decided which one, yet.  I hope I don't regret singling out my favorite fabrics from the collection and leaving the rest for something else, or that I didn't start a revolt amongst the fabric in the closet.  I've even picked out a wall to hang this quilt on when she's finished!

Kira at La Bella Colori is hosting a Fresh Flowers Quilt-Along, and I am participating.  Please don't, don't remind me of all of the other things I should could be doing!  You will know I am exercising great restraint when I tell you I am making the 24" square quilt top, not the 60" x 72" lap quilt, or that I'm not doing what I'd love to do, and that is make this in a queen.  

{NOTE TO SELF:  NO NO NO, you can't make a bigger one; you're too busy!}

Fresh Flowers Quilt Along


Kira said...

I love your fabric choices!!! Thanks for joining the quilt along!

Kira xoxo

Paula @ Sewy Stuff said...

Lovely fabrics! I would love to do this but I've just started another quilt along and am getting behind already. I may bookmark this one though!

Sherry said...

Thanks for mentioning the quilt along. I want to give this a try too but I know that is so hard to stick to a small project.