August 2, 2014

Custom King-Sized Phoebe's Flower Box Quilt - Progress #1

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Just out of the fabric closet is this fantastic collection of Phoebe by Another Point of View for Windham.  This is a custom king-size quilt for my sister.  I bought the fabric last year !!  and am just now beginning the quilt for her!  I thought about keeping its progress a secret from her {she reads this blog!}, but I always make progress posts for custom quilts to share with my customers the process of creating their quilts, so I'll do the same for her quilt. 
King-Sized Phoebe's Flower Box
The strips are all cut, all 112 of them, prints 3" wide and solid gray 2".  I have 21 yards of Phoebe fabric for the quilt top, backing, and binding, and it looks like there won't be much left after making pillow shams.  The wide outer border and the backing will be the navy flower burst shown on the right in the picture above.
The pattern is Phoebe's Flower Box which handily happens to be a video on Missouri Star's YouTube channel.  The written instructions are found in this Quilting Quickly magazine.  
Because this is a huge quilt, and I want to speed up the process, I am altering the pattern somewhat, though the final result will be similar to the pattern shown.  I am increasing the finished block size from 6" to 8" which reduces the number of blocks from 208 to 120 {I think that's right!}.  I was going to make the inside of each block just two strips rather than four rectangles, but I will make it as shown.  Otherwise the pattern will be quite different, and I don't want her to be disappointed that it isn't as wonderful as the original Flower Box pattern.  So the only change is block size.

This video can be found HERE if it doesn't appear above in your reader.

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That's a great color combo. Love the greys and purples!