December 7, 2014

Custom Full-Size Photo Memory Quilt {Progress #2}

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The blocks are finished!  Every other block is navy, then gray.  Following customer approval, I'll whip them together and begin borders - a narrow white border, then a scrappy strip, then a wider solid navy to bring it to size.  Coming right along!

I discovered a new local quilt shop while collecting fabrics for this project!  I am so excited because one of the local quilt shops went out of business this summer which created a big gap in my fabric shopping!  I depend on local quilt shops to round out fabric selections for custom quilts, even though I shop online for most of my fabric purchases.  When making the final fabric selections for a project, it works so much better to actually fondle and match fabrics in person, something a computer screen has yet to provide.

This quilt is a custom order from my Etsy shop, Busy Hands Quilts!

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