December 11, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt-Along {Clue #2 Progress}

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Oh, yum!  That's over 600 rectangles and squares to be sewn together!  I've made a bit of progress - completing 6 of the 100 blocks so far!  I've been using my sewing time on a custom photo memory quilt that my customer wants by Christmas and which I will be mailing off to her in plenty of time!

I'm using option #3 since I really struggled with the Easy Angle ruler during the last clue, and templates aren't my thing.  I'm enjoying the process.  I also really appreciate Bonnie's tip to sew just outside the diagonal line I drew on the back side of the fabric so that when the square is folded back it measures the correct size since a tiny bit of fabric is taken up in the fold.  I have never read this tip anywhere before, and it makes perfect sense.

I forgot to mention in Clue #1 that I pressed the last seam on the broken dishes blocks open.  This displays a small "V" in the seam that shows me where the seam line should be when it is sewn into the next block.  When I sew right at the base of this "V", the point will end up perfect when the seam is opened.  This is a fabulous trick I learned from Melissa at Happy Quilting in the Star Light Star Bright Quilt-Along she hosted this year.  She mentions it in this post. I am also ironing the last seam in these blocks open so the points will should be perfect as the blocks come together.

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Peggy said...

I love all your polka dots. They look great all together.