January 31, 2015

Charm Square Sampler Quilt-Along {Block 2}

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This week's block for the Charm Square Sampler Quilt-Along is the Diamond 4-Patch block.  I'm using Shelburne Falls by Denyse Schmidt.
I had intended to put the dark fabrics on the inside of the block but accidentally sewed the wrong side so the darks ended up on the outside of the blocks.  I'm leaving it the way it is since it doesn't matter one hoot in the scheme of things.

In other news, Lilla Rose has released their February-15 Flexi of the Month ♥  Vintage Hearts  ♥. They have beautiful hearts, of course!  These clips are super comfortable, as well as beautiful.  I wear one everyday!

Myra Barnes
Independent Lilla Rose Consultant

Charm Square Sampler Quilt Along

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Shannon @ Modern Tradition Quilts said...

I love your quilt block. Your fabric placement is great. Thanks for sewing along with me!--Shannon