May 16, 2015

Spangled Stars Quilt Along {9-Patches & Bar Blocks}

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Um, really, I'm participating in another Quilt Along?  Yep!  I just learned about the Spangled Stars Quilt Along over at Quilt Fabrication and jumped in a week late and am already caught up!  Here's my 9-patches and Bar Blocks.

I'm making the wall hanging size.  I did not strip piece the 9-patches because it would have wasted a lot of fabric for the few blocks required in the wall hanging, so they are pieced a little differently than the instructions.  I am not finding fault with the instructions in any way.  Strip piecing of the 9-patches is a great idea for the larger quilt sizes that require more blocks.  I did strip piece the bar blocks.

This will go on the wall in the aqua bathroom.  The quilt background is the faintest of aquas, the "blues" will be varying shades of aquas, the center of the stars will be pink, and the red remains red.  I'm hoping the "stars" end up looking like flowers.

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Susan said...

They look great! I'm glad you found a way to piece without wasting fabric. I probably would have done the same. Hard to write specific instructions for each size! On my second quilt, I also want my stars to look like flowers - I'm going with pinks and a yellow center. Should look 'flowery'!

Shannon said...

I hope you're keeping a list of all your projects and quilt-a-longs! That will help you keep up and get everything done.

Patricia said...

Looks like a great GAL!

Heidi said...

Had to laugh! QAL and BOM temptation is everywhere, right? I actually spent half an hour last week playing with fabric options for this one before talking myself out of it - I had to say NO! I will enjoy watching yours progress:)

Anonymous said...

They look good! I can't wait until my hand heals enough so I can wield a rotary cutter and start on my bars :)