April 5, 2018

A Non Scrap User Using Scraps!

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Regular blog readers know that I am not a scrappy quilter and regularly give my scraps away here on the blog.  {Follow to not miss the giveaways!}  But something possessed me last week to sew leftover strip sets and rectangles into coin strips.  A lot of my patterns include strip piecing {so we can finish more quilts!}, and a small section is usually leftover after they are cut into segments.

And here's the full length of them.  Three of these strips are from quilts you haven't even seen yet!  The two on the right are leftover strip sets from twin size Pixelation quilts - the sunrise version hasn't been shown in full here on the blog yet.  It will be one of the first quilts that Gratitude stitches when she gets back from the longarm hospital today - 9 quilts are waiting for her to show up for work again!

And yes, I will still have scraps to give away because there are always odd sizes that will not work for coin quilts.  And no, hopefully no, the giveaways won't include these strips!

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Gina said...

I hear you with the scraps. I'm not a scrappy quilter either. The nearest I get to a scrap quilt is a sampler with each block a different colour xx

Havplenty said...

Scrappy quilts are the bestest quilts. I love them. :)