August 5, 2019

Popping In With a Quilt Backing Sale!

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For just a couple of days, Fat Quarter Shop has quilt backing and wide yardage on sale.  I love extra-wide backing which is usually cheaper than piecing together yardage and saves a lot of time and hassle.  I couldn't resist this full-on rainbow backing, which I purchased and am going to make a whole cloth quilt for myself with.  Can I just say, YUM!?!  Check it out right  here.  You'll be happy to know I didn't buy it all and saved some for ya.  :)

At first I thought I would use a blue plaid as the backing because I'd never get tired of seeing a beautiful blue {click here to go right to that beautiful backing.}  However, I have some Widescreen backing in gray already in my stash, so I'll be using that.

And then while I was shopping the 20% off Basic of the Month, this fabric caught my eye as the perfect black background fabric, so it's now coming home with me too.  :)  A whole ginormous bolt!  It's only $6.38 a yard.  Just sayin'.  See it right here.

You'll find all of the backings linked to from the slider image on Fat Quarter Shop's home page right here.

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