March 20, 2020 is Live!

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Oh Happy Day, my new website Busy Hands Quilts is live!  A major goal for the past few years has been checked off the list, and I now have a real, honest-to-goodness website, my own personal interweb space!

You'll find all of my quilt patterns and quilts for sale in one shop with a special pattern deal not offered in my Etsy shop.  Buy more, save more with discount codes shown at the top of the home page.  Patterns ship for $2.50 no matter how many you purchase, with free shipping on orders above $35, and all quilts ship for free via Priority Mail with insurance.

There are still a few more things to work on - and the word "few" doesn't mean they are small things.  All links on my blog need pointed to Busy Hands Quilts instead of Etsy.  I googled it and couldn't find a way to bulk edit posts in Blogger.  Wordpress yes, but not Blogger.  Where, oh where, are my minions when I need them?  Oh, that's right, they done growed up!  :)

I plan to sell only PDF digital patterns in my Etsy shop from here on out, with printed patterns only available at my website, but this is an easy change.

Also in the works is adding a wholesale section to my site, so quilt shop owners can order wholesale patterns zip-zap-zup, easy peasy, all from one place.  While I have a number of patterns picked up by Brewer Sewing, a distributor, I have a boatload of patterns that aren't yet available through distributors, and I want them easily accessible to you quilt shop owners.

If you're wondering about the behind-the-scenes details, my shop is running on Shopify, and I have found it fairly simple to set up.  Simple doesn't mean it didn't take time, though.  I had the advantage of not starting from scratch as I was able to import my pattern and quilt shops from Etsy, which included the pictures and descriptions, and I didn't have to upload and type a bunch.  The help for setting up a Shopify shop is extensive, and tutorials abound, both on their site and from other users.  I've only had one thing I can't make it do because I don't know how to write code.  So all in all, I am very pleased with Shopify, and hopefully that will continue long term.

P.S.  That quilt you see - that's Family Ties, a brand-new quilt pattern coming today!  Ain't she sweet?!?  The pattern includes 5 sizes - Baby, Throw, Twin, Queen, and King, and is jelly roll friendly and strip pieced.  Ah, I love to say "jelly roll friendly and strip pieced" all in the same breath!  :)  Go check out my new shop right here!

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