June 17, 2011

My Sewing Room

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Someone had a birthday, and this is what she got!

Mr. Hearts made a thread rack.  Just what I asked for!

A bobbin winder to save wear and tear on my old Bernina 830 sewing machine!  Great way to use a 50% off coupon at JoAnn Fabric!

An ironing board cover with gridlines - only a quilter would understand this!

And my all-time favorite gift ...
a walking foot!! 
This feeds the top layer in a quilt through at the same rate as the bottom layer, thus preventing fabric shifting and puckers.  I've already finished a quilt with her and wondered why ever did I wait so long to ask for one?

All those new quilting items called for a cleanout and re-do of my sewing area, so that was yesterday's project!  Here she is all cleaned up.  I am not about to show you a before picture ... it ... was ... bad.  I moved the two desks further apart because there wasn't enough room to use my serger at one table and the sewing machine at the other; the chair kept bumping my machines.  Also, there is now room to sew with a friend.  A friend and I have reserved Friday afternoons for sewing bees!  Such fun!  Can't wait to begin toward the end of the summer!  {Sometimes I think I was born 130 years late ... until I remember how much work they did back then just to survive.}  And yes, the ironing board is always up ... why put it away when there is always a project on it, and I use it everyday!

This desk was rescued from Craigslist for a whopping $0.00.  Mr. Hearts refinished the cork top.  Her top is 90" long x 36" deep!  The two ends fold down.  I keep them up, of course!  She has a pull-out ironing board and a pull-up sewing machine tray.  I don't use them because they seem rather small scale {silly} for someone who quilts and/or sews all.the.time...like ev.er.y.day.  Those are Works In Progress.  Only 3, really.  Ah, yes, one pile has four quilts on it, but they're all for the same person, so they count as one project.  I refuse to put them away.  And those are Millie's crafts projects stored in the lower left cubby.

I turn around and sew at this machine on this beautiful desk.  One thing I learned through a year of unemployment is that I really can handle an ugly sewing table - at least I've got one - and one that I don't have to put away everyday!

Have you figured out what room in the house this is all in?  Hmm???  Would you believe this is in the Master Bedroom?  In a house we built ourselves?  Yep, sure 'nuf!  Good thing we built this room very big because there is no other place in the house to put my sewing stuff.  Not sure what we were thinking ?? because I sewed a lot back then, too.  But no complaints here!!  I have an awesome sewing room with two large windows and lots of light!  Love it! It's my favorite room in the house!

And ... did you know that it gets hard to explain to a 15-year-old son how I could possibly be only 28?

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Miki Willa said...

I sewed with my old Bernina 830 for many years. I bought it new in 1974. A couple of months ago, I traded her in on a new lighter weight Bernina 350. I thought I would miss the old girl, but now I am spoiled. Glad to know someone is still using the old model. I do like the bobbin winder idea. I may have to use my JA coupon tomorrow.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a wonderful sewing room, would have never guessed it was your master bedroom.

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

@ Connie - Thank you. I am sure spoiled!
Mrs. Hearts

Kay said...

I like your sewing space. I especially like your thread storage. It looks like a work of art.