February 22, 2012

30s Barn Raising Quilt in Progress

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Currently on my sewing table is a 30s Barn Raising Quilt in solid pastels and white.  You can view the pattern HERE.  The pattern says to cut 800 squares, and I ... simply ... cannot ... do ... that ... I refuse!  I cut 2.5" strips WOF and then cut them in half to about 22" and sewed the strips together and then crosscut them.  It still lends a totally scrappy look to the quilt as I am being careful to really mix up the sections before joining them into the block.  The first two sections of the block are sewn together, and I'm pinning the third section on to complete the nine-patch.  Did I mention there are 100 blocks, each 6" square???  The top should be finished this week and ready ... to ... wait ... for her turn on Mrs.Singer!

This is the picture of the pattern from Moda Bake Shop.

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Helen said...

Awesome pattern, I can't wait to see the completed quilt. I hate to cut little tiny square also. Good idea to strip cut them.