September 24, 2012

A Quilt For My Mom {and a peek at my next quilt!}

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My parents recently got a new RV, and my mom asked me to make a quilt to cover the glaring black TV screen and to provide some decoration on that wall.  This year's models of RVs all seem to have black, brown, and gold upholstery, and she wanted to liven it up a bit.

We set off to the fabulous quilt shop in my hometown {you know, the one I mentioned before that has tons more fabric than the quilt shops in big 'ol Bellingham...?} and picked out five fabrics totaling 2 yards.  My mom had no requirements other than size, and I found it rather difficult to think of a pattern in the exact size she needed, which was approx 22" x 31".  The quilt is double-sided, and hopefully one of the sides suits her fancy, if not both!  I told her yesterday that I sent it off, and she was so excited!  I hope she remains enthused when she sees it!

The fabrics are fall-colored batiks.  There was one short 2.5" strip of fabric left after I finished the scrappy binding.  That is cutting it close!

There is a black piece of fabric attached to the long side to hang down the back of the TV.  This black piece has a rod pocket at the bottom in case it needs more weight to stay in place.  I also sent along some self-adhesive Velcro just in case it needed more support.

Two things I learned while sewing this project.  I learned already knew that I have a VERY hard time sewing fabric that is not my choice of colors, and this project confirmed that again.  I had to kick myself to get in there and sew on this project!  It was almost like darning socks!!!  I also learned that sewing with batik fabric is actually quite nice.  It is a little bit stiff and does not tend to bunch up under the needle when you come to a pin as regular cotton sometimes does.

And here is a peek at what I rewarded myself with for finishing this project!!

I cut into my Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott for Moda fat quarter bundle and made this super duper cheery baby quilt!  It is already sandwiched together with fusible batting, and hopefully I'll get some time to quilt and maybe even bind it tomorrow!  The backing is one of those rectangular fabrics.

I rearranged the squares after I took this picture.  Pictures tend to show where there is too much of one color.  I also like to look at quilts on my design wall in the evening light which is when the light/dark variations in a quilt top can be seen.  Sew fun!

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Dora, the Quilter said...

I too am challenged when I have to use fabrics that aren't my choice of colors. I can manage to quilt them if they quilt is not too big, but it's very hard to cut and piece colors that don't inspire me. I'm not sure why that is, but I understand in perfectly.

beth said...

Your mom will LOVE her new tv cover! What a sweet thing to do for her. ;)

Tessa @ TheSewingChick said...

What a great idea to cover a tv with a quilt!! Genius! I recently made a wall quilt for my mom and had the same issue with it not being my taste in fabric. I kept going knowing how much she was going to appreciate it!!
The colors in the Domestic Bliss are lovely and I'm sure filled your need to work with pretty fabric!!

Heather said...

I think the TV cover looks great! What an interesting challenge for you, huh? lol And I adore the new WIP... gorgeous colors!

Karee said...

Love your personal description of homeschooling mom, former curriculum junkie, and a hopeless fabric addict! Ditto here! Add to that scenario to only have sons and alas my stash grew rather than being used for fru fru outfits, bedroom decor, etc. So I am now busy helping fabric find fulfillment.