December 17, 2012

Introducing "Little Bits O' Joy" - My Daughter's Etsy Shop

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Today I am tickled to share with you my daughter's new Etsy shop, Little Bits O' Joy!  She is 11 years old and spends much of her free time crafting.  One of my friends taught her how to knit with her arms, and she has taken off with this idea.  She has sold a number of  these scarves in a local shop and wishes to reach a broader market with an Etsy shop.

Here are some of the scarves that she has made.  She also made a deep eggplant purple one that has already sold.  This yarn also comes in a mix of tans and browns and a really gorgeous denim blue, and these colors are available by custom order.  For more information, please send her a convo through her shop!

The tag line of her shop is "Scattering Joy Bit By Bit!" and this is what she wishes to do - to share a little of what gives her joy with other people.  Please stop by Little Bits O' Joy today!

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Sheila said...

Your daughter's scarves are lovely!!