January 1, 2013

Custom Queen Sized 30s Barn Raising Progress #1

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Here is progress update #1 on the custom queen-sized 30s Barn Raising Quilt I am making.  I sold this in my Etsy shop, and you can get your's there, too!  This buyer wanted brighter fabrics, more jewel tones than the pastel one you see in my shop and agreed upon Kona New Bright Roll Up with solid white.

Here is the HUGE pile of strips.  This is just two rows together without the third strip added.  All of the strips together was nearly a three-bobbin job.  I cut the long strip sets in half before ironing them; otherwise, the strips are quite difficult to keep perfectly straight when ironing them.

If you work with strip sets often, I'd really recommend an ironing board with a grid on it.  I'd love a pretty flowered ironing board cover, but then I wouldn't have a grid on which to iron my strip sets straight, so the boring grid cover wins.


In a previous post, I told you that I'd let you know how accurate the precut strips from an eBay seller are.  I have great news - they are very accurate!  And they cost less than a manufacturer-cut roll up, and they have many colors!  The seller is Platinum So and Sews.  Plus, the owners of this shop are a disabled man and his wife - she puts him to work cutting strips!!  ☺

When ironing the two white strips which are side by side, I realized how much better a straight edge was compared to a pinked edge on a standard jelly roll.  The pinked edge would have shown through the whites and would have looked rather odd.  It doesn't show through on the color fabrics.

The next step was to cross cut the strip sets into 2-1/2" segments.  In order to cut two strips at a time, I turned one strip the opposite direction and butted the seams so they nested nicely and didn't shift when cutting them.


And, since it's always good to air our trash, here's mine!  FUN!


Here's an ironing board cover with a grid on it. There are less than $12 with shipping!

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Wow, I can't wait to see the finished project.