February 1, 2013

Custom Lap-Sized Barn Raising Quilt Progress #1 - Nearly Done!

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One of several current projects is a custom lap-sized Barn Raising Quilt.  This luscious fabric is Kona New Brights.  Below are the segments laid out and ready to assemble into blocks.  Don't forget there are many colors you cannot see in the stacks!

Lap Barn Raising Segments

Below is the stack of blocks ready to go up on the design wall for block placement.  This pile of blocks seems rather small after making this same quilt in a queen size over the last month!  It was a breath of fresh air to have them go together so quickly!

And, go figure, I had the same problem with seam directions that I did in the last quilt!  I studied and figured and re-figured some more before beginning to piece them together, and the seams were still facing away from the needle, which is the wrong way for easily butting the seams together without pinning.  I haven't given up, yet, and next time I make a 9-patch block I plan to see if the direction I iron them is the culprit.  The up side, however, is that I am getting good at sewing with the fabric on the right side of the presser foot, and I was able to keep both feet on the floor rather than one over my shoulder like I did in this quilt!

Lap Barn Raising Blocks

And here are the 100 blocks up on the design wall and ready to be sewn together, which I plan to work on this afternoon while a friend is here for a sewing bee.  When this quilt is finished up and washed, she will measure approximately 56" square.

Lap Barn Raising on Wall

This customer would like a rod pocket at the top back for easy hanging.  Here's to hoping I remember before I put the binding on!  :}

This quilt is a custom quilt order in the 30s Barn Raising Pattern which is free at the Moda Bake Shop.  If you would like a quilt like this in any size and many color combinations, please visit my Etsy shop, Busy Hands Quilts.


Pamela said...

Another beautiful quilt! I'm sure you'll figure out the seam pressing next time.

I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog - pass it on if you like!

Ольга Т. said...

Грандиозный проект!!!

Pale Blue Corner said...

It's going to be a very nice quilt, don't worry, you will not forget the rod pocket :)