November 30, 2013

Custom King-Sized Seahawks / Broncos Theme Quilt Progress #1

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After receiving my customer's approval for the layout of the giant Star Surround quilt, I began cutting squares and sewing half-square triangles today.  I decided to start at the center of the quilt since I wanted to get the star layout done first and determine the exact dimensions of each square for the remainder of the quilt.  Each block is 10" unfinished.
Seahawks Broncos Star Surround Quilt
Some of the words are upside down so the quilt does not have a "right" head/foot and can go any direction on the bed.  It took me quite awhile to get the direction of the words figured out and cut the squares in half the correct way.  It did not work to make half-square triangles by sewing two squares together and then cutting them in half; the fabrics ended up the wrong way on one of the half-square triangles when opened, so each block was pieced one at a time with triangles cut from squares.  The rest of the quilt should be easier since it is all solid colors, and I can make half-square triangles two at a time.
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